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Tourist Visa Canada

A Tourist Visa is only for tourism purpose not for any business or other activities. This visa will allow you to travel in Canada for a short period of time and discover the beauty and heritage of that country.

Basic Requirements:

  • A candidate must have a valid passport.
  • A candidate should not have any criminal or immigration fraud related record.
  • A candidate should provide a valid reason for your return to your home country (like employment record, family record, etc.)
  • A candidate should be in good health (need a thorough medical checkup).
  • A candidate should convince the immigration officer that the candidate will leave Canada at the end of the visit.
  • A candidate should have enough money to support travel expense.

Candidate may be required to clear a medical exam or obtain a letter of invitation from someone who lives in Canada, in certain cases.

Apply for a Tourist Visa:

Following are the two ways to apply for a Tourist Visa:

Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

An ETA is electronically linked to the passport, which is valid for a period of five years or until the passport expires and it is inexpensive and simple process. A valid passport, an email address, and a credit card is all you need to complete online formalities and the eTA authorizations are issued within 24 hours of the form submission.

Visitor Visa

Visitor visa can be applied online or through paper application.

1. Online – Candidate must have electronic copies of the documents (education certificates, valid employment & medical records), to apply online which are required for uploading along with passport and a valid credit card for payment.

2. Paper - Candidate must first get an application package, to apply on paper for a Tourist Visa. Fill out all the details in the form and attach the required documents. Afterwards, candidate will have to pay the application fees and submit the application file for further processing.

Tourist Visa Application:

Tourist Visa applications are processed within a few weeks or less. Immigration office is responsible for the processing time.

After the submission of the application, immigration officer review it to ensure it is complete and has all the required documents. The application is sent back for completion, if it is incomplete.

The immigration officer may ask for the following documents after the application process is completed:

Medical Examination – Before being eligible for entry into Canada, you may be asked to go through a medical checkup and the instructions are being sent to the applicant by the officer. Note - it may take long for the application to process, if the candidate needs a medical exam. A candidate needs to have a proper Health Insurance for any emergencies along with medical exam. The Canadian government won’t bear any of your medical expenses if you fall sick or get injured during your travel sojourns.

Police Certificate - A police certificate to authenticate can be asked which proves that you do not have any criminal records or trial cases pending against you.

Interview - You will be intimated about the time and date of the same, if a visa officer decides that an interview is necessary before your travel.

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