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Common Law Partner Visa - Canada

Canadian citizens and permanent Canadian residents are authorized to sponsor their common-law partner and (eligible) dependent children as per this visa. The applicants can be sponsored if they have been residing with their qualifying Canadian partners for 12 months or more in a continuing relationship and willing to live together in Canada as per the Common-Law Partner Visa permits.

The Canadian partner must reside in Canada with the applicant, even if he/she is being capable of supporting the applicant without any access to public funds after an approval. The common-law partner will be authorized for permanent residency and the right to join their sponsoring partner in Canada after an approval.

Common-Law Partner Visa Basic Requirements

If the candidates want to apply for the Common-Law Partner visa, they should be able to produce authentication of an ongoing and genuine relationship. Applicants must prove that the sponsor and the applicant have been residing together for at least 12 months at a common address, in Canada. This visa is applicable for both same-sex and opposite sex couples.

The applicant's basic needs for at least 3 years from the arrival of partner will be provided by sponsor for which, they will sign an undertaking. All the common-law partners have to undergo for health and character checks prior to the arrival.

Common-Law Partner Visa Entitlements

Common-law partners, have the authority to live, study, and work in Canada for an unlimited period (until further notice) along with it they have the authority to Canadian government-funded health care, language training programs, subsidized education and assistance with employment. Further they are also eligible for benefits that make them eligible for Canada Pension Plan Benefits, Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplement and they can participate in retirement plans such as Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP). They may also apply for Canadian citizenship.

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