Things You Should Know If You’re Moving To Canada

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Canada is the largest country in North America and second largest in the world. It is the world’s most educated country: over half its residents have college degrees. Immigration to Canada mainly serves as the foundation for economic growth along with bringing peoples’ custom, tradition, and culture.


The weather of Canada is like sun and snow both at the same time, where you will certainly experience hot summers and snowy winters. The weather here changes in short transitions. The Canadian winters are full of surprise for people who come from a mild or warm climate.


If you are coming to Canada for looking for a job then you must be prepared in all manners because it’s a time taking process.

  • Be prepared to take on a non-career job in the short term.
  • Bring enough funds to survive the first few months here in Canada.
  • Adapt to the resume format in Canada, networking along with it be proactive. Think and act Canadian before you even set foot in Canada.


Multiculturalism is part of the Canada and central to national policy, which is why whoever visits the country, gets the warm welcome since generations. You can find myriad languages, religions, and cultures in Canada, even over 40 sitting Members of Parliament were born abroad.


While going to Canada you must research everything about the cost of living there if you don’t want to experience a harsh visit there. One should have the knowledge about the accommodating expenses before going to Canada.


The healthcare system is one of the pillars and known around the world for its excellence in which the warm welcome to Canada received by newcomers is built. Provincial Ministry of Health issues a health care to each individual who enrolls for the program, and everyone receives the same level of care.


Taxes are levied at multiple levels, under Canada’s decentralized federal system, while Income taxes are collected by both the federal and provincial governments.

One may be entitled to a tax refund at the end of the fiscal year, depending on their status and terms of employment.

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