Now Your Online Profile Decides The Chances of Getting Visa


Now your visa depends on your online profile as well

People who are active on social media might face some changes in the chances of getting the visa. Your online profiles and social media trail are being eyed by Immigration and border security officials across several countries. If there are found any posts that could be considered hate speech under the host country’s laws, this helps throw up inconsistencies in information submitted to immigration authorities.

The US has the authority to search your electronic devices- be it your cell phone or laptop like some other countries. There were only 8,500 cases of searches of electronic device contrast this with fiscal 2015. The US constitutes the first six months of fiscal 2018; nearly 15,000 searches were conducted as the trend of increased searches continues.

‘Social media and immigration’ said in reports that only a small percentage of travelers are likely to be so searched, those entering or exiting the US should be prepared in the event they are asked to unlock their cell phone or another device at the borders.

Even if there is no suspicion of criminal conduct on ant candidate a basic search of electronic devices can be conducted. When officers have a reasonable suspicion of criminal violation or concerns of national security, an advanced search, which entails confiscating the device and sending it to a forensic lab, is carried out.


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